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which tag is used to lists the items with bullets HTML dl tag is abbreviated as a Definition List, which is used for arranging your data items like the way items remain arranged in any dictionary. 1, ⅵ, etc. Unordered list; lets you have a list of elements without numbers or alphabetical bulleted list. Learn how to create lists on a web page. And you may not want to use any bullet or icon to visually indicate list items, yet want to retain the semantic structure to your content. ol : An ordered list. About the Book Author Ed Tittel is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry with more than 140 computing books to his credit, including the bestselling HTML For Dummies . \end {itemize} \item The numbers starts at 1 with every call to the enumerate environment. Words or phrases which need to be set apart from the rest of the body of text can be emphasized with a “bullet” (a heavy dot used for calling attention to a particular section of text). Syntax < UL type = type_of_bullet > Type of bullet: It takes anyone of the values: circle, square or disc. HTML Description Lists. ), even when the numbering type is letters or Roman numerals. The bullets can be customized using CSS. The Unordered HTML List An unordered list starts with the “ul” tag. The description list is created using
element. If you wanted to create text that was a different color or font than other text in your Web page, what type of tag would you use? Lists made with bullets are called bulleted lists. The var tag is a phrase tag. CSS can be used to convert list bullets into squares or circles, but this gives little control over their appearance or positioning. type Sets the numbering type: The … The browser displays the bullets because the style property "display" is initially set to "list-item". However, to change the color of the bullets in an unordered list using CSS, we will have to first discard the default list-style and manually define the content that comes before each list item of the list. The ul element opens and closes an unordered list. It can have one of the following values: An unordered list is a list in which the order of the list items does not matter. Look at the above example again. Unordered lists. The code shows how nesting can be done in unordered lists. First of all, there is not direct way in CSS by which we can change the color of the bullets in an unordered list. We’ll then set a negative text-indent on each li to move the first line of each list item back. A description list is a list of items with a description or definition of each item. Lists are the preferred way to display items one after the other, instead of using
tags. The CSS list-style-type property is used to define the style of the list item marker. List Item List Item List Item This CSS command has only two attributes. This helps make them stand out from regular content.But the built in options are rather bland. Lists have a tag to start and end the list itself, as well as a tag for each item in the list. A ‘recent products’ added to an e-commerce shop might be one example. There are actually three different types of HTML lists, including unordered lists (bullets), ordered lists (numbers), and definition lists (think: dictionaries).